About me

I see you are eager to know more about me. So here we go...

My name is Saurav and this is my personal blog or better my personal knowledge base where I am writing down my thoughts all around Web Development, Cloud Native technologies and my experiences.

I am working for Orca Security as a Software Engineer R&D in the API Security team.

Before joining Orca, I worked at RapidSec as a Full Stack Engineer - which got acquired by Orca in early Jan, 2022. And worked in few other startups before that.

I am a Final year student from VIT, Vellore, India - graduating in 2022. And I am very lucky to be part of 3 startups, out of which one also had a successful exit in 2022.

On weekends you would see me participating in Hackathons, contributing to OSS Projects or out with my friends 🍲

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The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in anyway.